Thinking Ahead

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

When you’re confronted with your own mortality you start to think about the inevitability of your own death.

There are only two life experiences we all share but have no memory or control over – our birth and our death.

A cancer diagnosis inevitably leads to thoughts of our own impending death, even when you have a good prognosis.  While you might not be around, your family and friends will be.  It’s a sad and painful time whatever the circumstances but you can make it easier for them when you’re gone by thinking ahead.

Make sure you have written your Will and create a Memorandum or Letter of Wishes which provides the detail of what you want and how you’d like your money and possessions to be distributed.  Don’t assume everything will go to your spouse or that people will know what you want, especially at such at emotional time.

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • Do you want your ashes placed/scattered somewhere in particular?
  • What type of ceremony do you want?
  • Any special hymns or pieces of music?
  • How you would like your children raised?
  • Are there particular possessions you want to go to specific people?

Make your wishes clear and avoid any potential confusion or conflict.

Plan your own funeral.  This is can be an added expense and source of stress to the family.  Put aside some money to cover funeral expenses or have a plan in place for what you would like, it can help to ease the burden.

Talk to your local financial or legal adviser who can talk you through the process.  There is also plenty of help available online if you want to do most of it yourself.

Making A Will

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