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Victoria Derbyshire’s Breast Cancer Diary

Victoria Derbyshire has recently publicised the video diary of her cancer operation.  She shares very similar thought and emotions to my own experience, although I wouldn’t have been sitting up in bed just a few hours after my operation doing a

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The Jolie Effect

Angelina Jolie has been in the press again to tell her story of elective surgery to prevent cancer. First she had a double mastectomy two years ago when she learned she had the BRCA gene mutation.  Now she’s had a her ovaries

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World Cancer Day

View image | The stats now show that 50% of us will get cancer at some time in our lives.  (Ticked that box.) We’re living longer and diagnosis is getting better all the time, so although that can sound like

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Cancer – just bad luck

Your risk of getting cancer may just be down to ‘bad luck’.  According to a recent study. However, according to Cancer Research UK, over a third of the most common cancers are still down to lifestyle, so it’s no excuse to start

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In The News: Yes I have incurable breast cancer …

Article in the Independent this week: Yes I have incurable breast cancer but this is only part of my story – please don’t write me off just yet. There’s much that can be done for cancer these days – even

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