Working Through Cancer


The book is part personal journey, part self-help and a guide to show you that cancer can be a manageable disease.  Once you know what to expect, you can take control.

The website is here to share useful information and resources and for you to share your own personal journey or ask for information and advice.

Everyone’s journey and experience will be different from mine but I hope this will help you and others to get through this and help you to get out the other side.

“… the book would be a welcome read for anyone who has recently been diagnosed, and it will help to make the difficult situation less scary.”

The book is primarily intended for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer who wants to know what to expect, how to deal with your diagnosis and to help you through the next few months of your treatment.  It might also help those diagnosed with other forms of cancer as many of the stages are the same, the details and specifics of individual treatment may vary.

“Clare shows that it’s possible to maintain perspective and a sense of humour! Sharing her personal experience and how she coped may bring a sense of relief to people who are feeling frightened or overwhelmed. The message comes across – ‘yes this is difficult but you can get through it, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself, and you are not alone’!”

You can download the book from the Amazon Kindle store.  This year all royalties from every purchase are going to support the Odyssey Challenge Charity.