About Me


In my day to day life I run my own business as a Time Management and Productivity coach. I’m the author of Time Management For Dummies and now the author of my personal journey through cancer as documented in Working Through Cancer.

Like many others I had never considered the prospect that I might get cancer. I was young (relatively), fit and healthy. I don’t and never have smoked. I rarely drink alcohol, eat a pretty healthy diet, compared to many others, although partial to cake and chocolate. I exercise regularly but not a fitness fanatic. Yet I still got cancer.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Not quite knowing what to expect, I decided that if anyone was going to be able to ‘work through’ this, it was going to be me and if I could do it, I could probably help others do it too.  I started journalling my experience and the outcome was the e-book Working Through Cancer – now available on Amazon.

It’s a mix of personal experience mixed with tips and info to help you through each stage of the process.

You can download the book from Amazon Kindle store. If you do, each purchase supports one or more of the cancer charities that helped me through my own treatment and recovery.

After my treatment, I embarked on a year long project to do 52 different things in 52 weeks. Not a year of bucket list ticks but just getting back to normal and experiencing more. You can read about it on it’s own website.