Looking Good and Feeling Better

It’s not easy to look good when you’re going through cancer treatments. If you’re having chemotherapy there’s the inevitable hair loss which can include the eyebrows and eyelashes. As someone who doesn’t usually wear a lot of make-up at the best of times, knowing how to enhance or replace what minimal skin colour and eyebrows you now have at this time, is a great confidence booster, especially when you might have to appear in public feeling and looking less than great.

Look Good Feel Better run workshops around the country for women and teenagers where you can learn how best to look after your skin and enhance your eyes and lips. They’re free and a great way to be focus on yourself, chat with other women and have a laugh.

It’s also just the time you need a little pampering, as your body is taking a bashing. Massages may be out depending on the type of cancer and treatments – check with your surgeon or oncologist but a good manicure of pedicure may be just what you need.

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