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What do I say?

It’s difficult to know what to say when you learn that someone has cancer. Whether it’s someone close to you or a friend or colleague. Many people try to boost the person up and will be super positive around them. There are

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Tamoxifen – yes or no?

View image | I’ve just had a call from someone who is wondering whether to take Tamoxifen or not.  I’m sure this is a question many people ask themselves, especially as being on Tamoxifen is a long-term commitment –

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Change your lifestyle and reduce your cancer risk

Infographic: How you can reduce your risk of cancer (from Cancer Research UK).  Click to view the detail. Many of the changes you can make are a healthy diet and exercise.

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Cancer – just bad luck

Your risk of getting cancer may just be down to ‘bad luck’.  According to a recent study. However, according to Cancer Research UK, over a third of the most common cancers are still down to lifestyle, so it’s no excuse to start

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