Alcohol & Tamoxifen

Recently I’ve noticed an intolerance to alcohol.  Feeling particularly nauseous if I have more than a couple of glasses of wine.

I’ve never been a big drinker and can go for weeks, or even months, without consuming any alcohol at all, so it’s not been particularly obvious and my tolerance to alcohol has always been fairly low but it hasn’t had this effect since my twenties!  I certainly can’t consume it in large quantities, three or four glasses was my limit but it wasn’t even as though I’d had a lot to drink each time but the effect was pretty unpleasant.

I’ve since read that Tamoxifen can affect the way your body reacts to or tolerates alcohol, so this could be the reason.  Or it could just be one of the many menopausal symptoms I’m now experiencing, the change in hormones or even the impact of chemotherapy or the gastric bug I got while having chemo.

So, I will now be limiting what I drink or even eliminating it altogether.

Has anyone else noticed a change in how you react to alcohol as a result of either chemotherapy, tamoxifen or the menopause?


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