Follow-up Op


If you’ve had reconstruction as part of your surgery, it’s likely you’ll end up back in hospital for a further operation. It’s not always possible to get it right first time. Our bodies are complex things, not symmetrical or exact and the different options have a different level of success and indeed risks.

You need to be happy with the final outcome, whatever you’ve decided, so it’s worth a couple of operations to get it right – if there isn’t a health concern or risk to having another operation.

Earlier this week I had an ‘adjustment’ operation.  Not quite right first time around, impacted by the radiotherapy the implant had moved and became tight and uncomfortable, making sleeping and some activity awkward.

Now – much happier even after such a short time. Far less pain than the first time around as I didn’t need a lot done. A much shorter op (about an hour) and out the following day.  Driving just after a week. Oh and the hospital food was much better this time around.

It certainly helps to keep fit and healthy going in as I really believe that it helps with recovery.

Any radiotherapy will impact your tissues, so the skin, tissue tightening isn’t over yet and could still change over the course of the next few years.

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