The Jolie Effect

Angelina Jolie at the premiere of Alexander in...

Angelina Jolie has been in the press again to tell her story of elective surgery to prevent cancer.

First she had a double mastectomy two years ago when she learned she had the BRCA gene mutation.  Now she’s had a her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in another decision to reduce her risk of cancer still further.

What I love is that she’s made the decision (difficult as it may be) and just got on with it with the minimum of fuss.

She’s also raised awareness of the disease, it’s risks and treatments.  As with her previous decision I’m sure there will be a lot more women saved from cancer by understanding more about their risk and options.

It’s a scary decision to make but if you knew you had a much higher risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer would you make it?

Angelina Jolie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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