Don’t hide your head in the sand

Many people who are diagnosed with cancer have had the symptoms for a while but either from fear, apathy or simply ignorance haven’t done anything about them.  Many of the recent TV campaigns are highlighting some of the most common symptoms.

By putting off the diagnosis not only are you putting your health and possibly your life at risk but you’re also delaying getting the right treatment.

If you have any symptoms that persist for more than a reasonable amount of time or that go away but come back, get them checked out.  Better to find out that it’s nothing serious and you can stop worrying and stressing or to find out what it is and get the right treatment.

Most people’s fear of cancer is that they’re going to die!  These days I’m pleased to say, that’s not always the case.  However, the later the diagnosis the more difficult it may be to treat – especially if the cancer has spread.

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